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Simplify your Payment Process from Start to Finish

Our Approach

We help our clients build business resilience with simple, cost-effective payment solutions that drive operational efficiency. Our team of dedicated experts will build a solution that fits into your ecosystem, with customizable options for everything from how payments are approved to how they are disbursed.



  • Open a World Virtual Account in your company name that can support 30+ global currencies
  • Manage account balances via aPay, or integrate directly into your ERP
  • Simplify collection of banking details by directing vendors and suppliers to our Payee Intel portal
  • Save money on your conversions by receiving payments into local currency accounts
  • Reduce bank costs by limiting the number of accounts held


  • Lock in future rates using our Forward Contract options
  • Consult with your dedicated Account Manager to choose the best payment method
  • View live rates for greater cost transparency before sending
  • Take advantage of our hedging tools and risk management options
  • Let our team build bespoke workflows that work for you
  • Our overnight bid program allows you to lock in your preferred rate overnight


  • Access our self-serve aPay portal to send payments 24/7 in over 140 currencies
  • Access our extensive local area networks with aPay Local (37 currencies and growing)
  • Use Payee Intelligence to ensure all country-specific payment requirements are met and errors avoided
  • View rates in real time to know your costs up front
  • Consult with our experts to choose the best option from our wide array of payment types
  • Save time by scheduling payments in advance, individually or in batches
  • Upload payments directly from your system while verifying data for accuracy and duplication

Use Cases

Ascendant's solutions can be customized to work in any industry. If you'd like to dive deeper into a specific industry, check out some of our industry-specific use cases below.

Don't see your industry listed? Contact us to hear how we can help.