Digital Payments for CFA Franchise Members

Why Switch to Paperless Payments?

The global pandemic lockdown has highlighted long-standing logistical problems with relying on paper cheques to make payments and manage cash flows more effectively.

Inefficient & Expensive

The cost of sending a cheque instead of an ACH (electronic) payment is higher than many realize, particularly when factoring in the labour and time required to issue, transport, and process them. 

Research studies indicate the cost of sending one cheque is $15 - $25 including bank charges, time, and reconciliation. Other studies indicate the cost of managing one cheque payment are as high $50. This study factors in additional indirect costs, such as man-hours and operational delays.

We Can Help

Ascendant's customized franchise payments program has helped many multi-national franchises and CFA members simplify and expedite their payments processes, including eliminating the need for cheques.


- Fast and simple transition to digital payments
- Powerful tools to collect vendor banking details securely
- Eliminating the need for physical signatures and mail
- More accurate data to verify details, reducing returns or errors in payments
- Dedicated Franchise Experts who know your business and will cater to your needs
- Franchisee on-boarding support


- Immediate costs and time savings
- Reduce risk of cheque fraud
- Ability to manage cash flow more effectively

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